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Taskworks Incursions - Physical Science and/or Design and Technology

Unique to Taskworks, designed for all primary levels and tailored to the new Australian Curriculum. There are 3 major ways a Taskworks Incursion fits the curriculum:

  • Physical Science and Inquiry - Forces, Push/Pull, Movement

  • Inventions/Design and Technology/Toys/Simple Machines

  • Team Building/Communication/You Can Do It/Healthy Mind and Body Themes

Our unique incursion has been specifically created, designed and built to fit the Physical Science componenet of the Australian curriculum with direct links to Design and Technology. All activities are 100% hands-on and require teamwork, effective communication and persistence

The major links are:

FOUNDATION: The way objects move depends on a variety of factors, including their size and shape (ACSSU005)
YEAR 2: A push or a pull affects how an object moves or changes shape (ACSSU033)
Explore how technologies use forces to create movement in products (ACTDEK002)
YEAR 4: Forces can be exerted by one object on another through direct contact or from a distance (ACSSU076)
Investigate how forces and the properties of materials affect the behaviour of a product or system (ACTDEK011)

Incursion Specifics:

Where? Students rotate around the activities set up in a school hall or gym.
Group size: Up to 60 students per session
Session time: 90 - 120 mins
Cost: $11.50 +GST per student*
Minimum charges: 1 session - $550+GST
2 sessions - $850+GST

(*There may be an added $1 travel surcharge per child depending on distance from Taskworks in Mulgrave and freeway Toll charges.

Incursion Go-Kart


Incursion Kid Lifter

Kid Lifter

Anti Gravity Platform

Anti Gravity Platform

Incursion Magnet Art

Magnet Art

Incursion Iron Filings Table

Iron Filings Table

Incursion Friction Board

Friction Board